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Covid America-

The Series

Covid America-The Series: The honest story of our pandemic experience.

We are living through the most compelling story of our times. It has affected us at our deepest level and it has left many of us – maybe even all of us – changed. Yet, for all of the coverage of Covid-19, something remains lacking: an unvarnished, apolitical, unfiltered presentation of what this all means to us as we are going through it. This is the mission of Covid America. We want to tell your story, because we're convinced that your story is our story, and that through sharing, it makes us stronger as a community. Covid America will document history as we're living it. No agenda. No political spin. Just true stories.


Guidelines to submit
Tell us your story

The Team

The Covid America team is comprised of long-term media and entertainment veterans with award-winning experience in the fields of television, film, theater, literature, radio, and podcasts. Having worked closely together on several other projects, at this unique moment in history, out of a sense of commitment, they've chosen to combine their forces to capture this story in the most honest possible way.


Contact Us

Tell us your story-how have you been affected by Covid-19?

Thanks for submitting!

All submissions become property of Covid America-The Series

Upon submission of your video, photos, text or audio, you agree to relinquish rights to Covid America-The Series. Submission does not guarantee usage of your story.

Tell us your story

We want to hear from you.  How have you been affected by Covid-19? What is your over-riding emotion? Tell us how you have been resilient.

Seeking submissions from occupations including: educators, farmers, performers, retail owners, healthcare workers, restaurant owners/chefs, homemakers, and more. Also seeking compelling family stories.

If we use your story, you will be featured on Covid America-The Series.




Shoot a video on your smartphone

or send a photo of you at home, along with a brief written description of how Covid-19 has affected you and how you are living in this Covid era.

Upload videos using Messenger (Max 25 MB) on our Facebook Page: http://bit.ly/FBCovidAmerica

Email a link to Vimeo or Youtube video(max 3 min.), photos, audio or text:

Deadline: Oct 6, 2020

Please note: No attached video files will be accepted via email.